Hair Challenge APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads) v8.4.9

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Hair Challenge describes the arduous process of growing hair for every girl

Hair Challenge takes you to a strange experience revolving around the long hair of a young girl. If you are a girl or have a daughter, you may understand that growing and taking care of long hair is a challenging process. You must cherish each strand of your hair, nourish them from the root, prevent them from harmful external things such as environmental pollution, sun, wind, and dust.

Also, you may need to provide a series of balanced nutrients necessary for the sustainable and long-lasting growth of hair, such as protein, iron, zinc, copper, B vitamins, Biotin, L-cysteine… So, it will take you a lot of effort to have wonderful long hair as you wish.

If you have understood the importance and arduous process of growing hair, Hair Challenge will be a place for you to practice what you have learned. Girls will feel extremely empathetic when playing this game. In the game, you will do everything, overcome all challenges to keep and grow your hair as long and beautiful as possible. You control a girl whose hair is not very long at first to go through many different stages, and overcome obstacles, and collect hair icons along the way to increase the hair length (like a hair extension.)

Each time you get a bunch of new hair, your entire hair’s color will change according to the corresponding new hair color. There are all kinds of different colors, even rainbow colors like the mane of a pony.

You will go through a lot of hardships to get the long hair you want

But like I said, growing long hair is not easy, either in real life or in the game. 

In real life, many reasons prevent us from having long hair. Sometimes because the hair is not inherently beautiful, straight, and shiny, we need to cut it for the new hair to come. Or sometimes, due to our overuse of many chemicals for hair curling and dying, the hair becomes stiff and sheds a lot, then we need to cut it off. Or it could be for some force majeure such as hormonal changes after giving birth or after an illness… The path to long hair has too many disruptive things, right?

In Hair Challenge, you will face many challenges, too. You will encounter many obstacles and difficulties on the way to growing hair. There are countless sharp saw blades arranged more and more on the track. If you accidentally skim through them, your accumulated hair will be cut off mercilessly. Sometimes, you will face a difficult obstacle like a cutter. If you don’t stop and wait for a little thought before passing it, all your hair can ‘evaporate’. Or maybe the obstacle is simply a piece of water that if you don’t avoid in time, you’ll fall into it right away.

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