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VLC is a media player that can run DVDs on Windows 10 at no cost, as well as many other playable files.

With the rise of more and more formats for videos and sound files, having a program such as VLC is a blessing. This media player will run all your video files and sound files, including broken ones that most other players can’t run. It even runs DVDs and CDs.

While most laptops or computers don’t come with a DVD drive pre-installed anymore, you’ll likely want to watch DVDs if you do have one. Windows 10 does not come with a native DVD player; that’s why Windows 10 users might want to grab VLC. Once it’s set up, you can run almost any media file.

Most programs like this normally contain some form of adware or spyware, but you’ll never get those problems with VLC’s media player. Your worst experiences will be the odd bugs that happen on occasion. A lot of these stem from memory-related issues. There’s also no ability to record the screen smoothly. The interface also lacks that pizazz to separate it from other, more attractive players.

There are a few versions of VLC available, which is perfect if you’re looking for an older release that lets you turn a dated laptop or system into a DVD or CD player on a budget.

Where can you run this program?

VLC is available for the latest Linux, Android, IOS, Mac and Windows systems.

Is there a better alternative?

No, VLC is an amazing choice for anyone looking to play DVDs on their Windows system. It far exceeds the Windows DVD player app available for purchase.

Our take

VLC is one of the most useful media players available, running many of the various types of video or sound files, including DVDs and CDs.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’ve got a DVD reader or need a powerful way to play media files then this software is a must-have.

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